• Citrus marinated Saaremaa rainbow trout, fish roe, avocado puree, bread croutons 9€
  • Salt baked beetroot, smoked mushrooms, vegetable chips, roasted nuts 7€

Main dishes

  • Chicken fillet, feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, spinach, carrot 16€
  • Sous vide beef cheek, apple puree, parsnip, red wine sauce 18€
  • Saaremaa rainbow trout, parmesan roasted potato, roasted carrot 20€


  • Cheesecake, berry coulis 6€
  • Chocolate fondant, berry coulis, vanilla ice cream 8€

Buffet menu

Option I


Parmesan fried potatoes/Green salad/Roasted onions/Garlic butter mushrooms
Duck confit, red wine sauce/Rainbow trout, herb sauce

Option II


Creamy garlic potatoes/Arugula-tomato salad/Broccoli/Brussel sprouts with bacon
Chicken thigh meat, sundried tomatoes, feta cheese/Beef cheeks, red wine sauce

*All menus also include coffee/tea/ice water/bread/flavoured butter.
Minimum number of buffet guests is 15.

Cold buffet

Choice of snacks

  • Ham rolls with garlic-cheese filling 2€ (60g)
  • Smoked mushroom basket 2€ (40g)
  • Bruschettas with cold-smoked salmon 2,5€ (100g)
  • Goats cheese salad 4€ (120g)
  • Cod liver bruschettas 2€ (100g)
  • Potato salad 3€ (120g)
  • Macaroni salad 3€ (120g)
  • Crispy bread with smoked meat and strawberry salsa 3€ (80g)
  • Crispy bread with BBQ pork and salsa 2€ (80g)
  • Crispy bread with roast beef and horseradish 3€ (90g)
  • Bread with sprats and egg-butter 2,5€ (90g)
  • Deviled eggs with cured salmon and trout roe 2,50€ (70g)
  • Cheese platter 4€ (50g)
  • Lavash rolls with cream cheese, turkey ham and cucumber 2€ (60g)

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