All well-behaved are always welcome

Well behaved pets are always welcome to stay at the hotel with their family members, but please go through Johan Spa Hotel’s Pet Rules first:

– Please inform us upon booking if you are coming with a pet.
– There is an additional charge of 15€/night for a pet. This is because we use special cleaning tools and techniques when cleaning the room later, which also takes more time.
– The pet must be kept on a leash under the owner’s responsibility and supervision.
– The pet may not stay in the rooms related to catering and in the spa.
– It is forbidden to leave a pet alone in the room.
– The owner of the pet is responsible for the cleanliness of his four-legged friend in the hotel and makes sure that he does not disturb other guests.
– In case of damages and/or complaints related to the pet, which involve the payment of compensation to other guests, the owner of the pet undertakes to pay for it.
– Rooms with a pet are not day cleaned for everyone’s safety.
– The owner is responsible for the damage caused by the pet (both material and health damage).

Our lovely friend Naaskel (@naaskelboy)

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