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The selection of massages in the beauty center is wide. You can always ask our wellness specialists for an advice when deciding, it’s easier to make a decision together.

Slimming massage 60 min


Massage performed with special slimming techniques and citrus essential oils – mixture of orange, grapefruit and lemon essential oils help to improve metabolism and blood circulation.

Massage “Peace of Mind” 60 min


Massage with lavender essential oil. Lavender has been known as a natural painkiller and muscle tension reliever for centuries – after relaxing hour, true peace of mind arrives.

Johan’s classical massage 60 min


Classical massage improves blood and lymphatic circulation and metabolism, strengthens the immune system, reduces muscle tension and stress.

Relaxing massage 30 min


Half body massage with classical massage techniques.

Lava Stone massage 75 min


Massage, which has proven itself in Chinese therapies for thousands of years. Lava stone massage is performed with hot lava stones and special oil mixtures, which help to open energy channels and release energy blocks throughout the body. Mood enhancing, toning and energy balancing massage – a great way to regulate the digestive, metabolic and hormonal systems.

Indian head massage 45 min


Indian head massage is deep energetic massage using a variety of pressures and techniques including circular massage strokes on your scalp, deep tissue work on your shoulders, and gentle stretching the neck. 

Head and neck massage 30 min


Massage that relieves tensions on the most common points of concern for modern people, fighting headaches and tense neckline. Helps with insomnia, loses tension around the eyes and improves overall concentration.

Massage Á La Carte 45 min


A massage, which is entirely put together by you and our masseuse, depending on the region of your body that needs relief from tensions the most – it could be legs, head, shoulders or back.

Massage for children 20 min


Light massage that helps the little ones to relax and recharge their batteries.

Body treatments

Inspired by beauty…

Sothys perfect body slimming treatment 90 min


A comprehensive slimming treatment, designed to treat all types of cellulite. The exclusive active ingredients in combination with unique massage techniques improve the excretion of toxins from the body, promote lymph flow and make the skin smooth. Exclusive body care programme is effective and relaxing at the same time and suitable for men and women, both.

Sothys Oriental massage with body peeling 60 min


The treatment is inspired by ancient Oriental traditions – stimulating the body and mind at the same time. Exceptional cinnamon and ginger rich exfoliator removes dead skin cells. The vitamins and antioxidants of the active ingredients help to achieve truly soft, supple and nourished skin throughout the relaxing massage.

Chocolate body wrap with peeling 60 min


Improve your mood and reduce the visible signs of skin fatigue, because the antioxidants in the products work wonders – the treatment improves body shape, skin complexion, skin elasticity, moisturises and tones.

Chocolate body wrap with peeling and massage 90 min


The treatment begins with full body exfoliation, followed by a mask treatment that nourishes the skin with antioxidants. Aromatic relaxing massage helps to relieve muscle tension and takes thoughts away from worries. The smell of chocolate guarantees a good mood!

Deluxe red wine body wrap with massage 60 min


A privileged and unique form in the fight against stress and ageing. Red grapes contain powerful antioxidants which form to genuine anti-aging medicine in the form of a body wrap.

Deluxe red wine body wrap with peeling and massage 90 min


The treatment begins with a general body peeling, so that the strong anti-aging properties of the red grapes can have even more powerful effect on your skin. A real treat to yourself – during the 90 minutes while you relax, unique treatment is fighting with stress and ageing.

Body treatment „Rock energy“ 75 min


Body cleansing treatment that harmonizes the mind, body and soul. Treatment starts with aromatic peeling, which is followed by soothing Ghassoul clay wrap. After a refreshing shower the body is ready for a relaxing massage with warm stones.

Body treatment „Sea breeze“ 60 min


Treatment begins with a refreshing bath, which eliminates fatigue and moistures the skin. Followed by unique massage with hot temples that are filled with sea salt. Sea salt remineralizes and enriches skin with important elements.

Tibetan body treatment 60 min


Relaxing massage executed with special warm cups filled with Dead Sea salts and Himalayan rock fragments. Treatment that stimulates blood circulation, balances energies and leaves your skin smooth and healthy.

Relaxing back massage with Phytomer self heating mud mask 60 min


An ultra-relaxing back massage, followed by a gentle slathering of self-heating marine mud along the spine for total relaxation and optimal detox effects. The mud contains high amount of minerals and micro elements, which reduce inflammation and treat rheumatism. An added benefit is that your skin’s functionality improves and becomes more elastic.

Full body peeling 30 min


Exfoliation stimulates blood circulation and removes dead skin cells, leaving the skin silky soft and toned. Our beauty professionals often recommend it before various nourishing baths, wraps and masks, so that their active ingredients can be better absorbed into the skin later.

Tender treatment for expecting mother 60 min


A special gentle treatment developed especially for expecting mothers, performed with clean and natural products. Treatment starts with a light peeling and follows by a relaxing massage with nourishing shea butter. The treatment ends with a relaxing, toning facial massage.


A warm bath relaxes, heals, cleanses and refreshes – a ritual, that’s a treat for your skin and mood, both.

Sea salt bath 20 min


Sea salt bath, rich in trace elements and minerals, normalises the water and salt balance within the body reducing swellings. Salt baths have the power to reduce fatigue, stress, muscle and joint pain; they also stimulate metabolism and lymphatic activity.
Several skin problems have been shown to be relieved through sea salt baths, eczema, dermatitis and allergic rashes, for example.

Cleopatra milk powder bath 20 min


Get an idea of ​​the secret of Cleopatra’s famous beauty – a real harmony of body, mind and soul.
Let the silky protein rich milk foam pamper your skin thoroughly extremely gently. A real refreshment for sensitive and dry skin that leaves it richly moisturized and nourished.

Other body treatments

When the world’s top spa and beauty professionals meet today’s field of science and technology – effective and safe ways to enhance your well-being and beauty.

Easytherm therapy 40 min


Easytherm steam capsule is created by the best Spa specialists in Europe. Besides offering relaxation, it helps to fight cellulite, helping body to getting rid of toxins. Easytherm is the only device of its kind in Estonia and therefore it is definitely worth trying at the Johan Spa Hotel.

Easytherm hay therapy 40 min


The treatment is performed with the energy-rich organic grass of Saaremaa – inspired by the scent of a haystack on a hot summer’s day. Hay has a calming and relaxing effect, but the aim is to ease joint pain with essential oils in the herbs, which has bonus skin benefits – experience guaranteed!

Nuovola bed therapy 35 min


Nuovola’s innovative wave system gives complete relaxation to body and mind. Its peculiarity precludes the feeling of gravity, giving a gentle cuddle of the tropical sea. Especially beneficial in case of fatigue and insomnia (0,5 hour of the Nuovola procedure equals 8 hours of sleep), for relieving back problems and muscle strain. Nuovola beds are very rare in Estonia, which is why we recommend trying it at Johan Spa Hotel. Truly unique experience!

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