sauna – a poor man’s pharmacy

Finnish sauna

Since ancient times, the sauna has played a large part in the lives of Estonians. It’s often called the “poor man’s” pharmacy, prompting the proverb “If liquor, tar, and sauna won’t help, an illness is fatal.”

Research confirms that regular sauna visitors are healthier than “bath” people, as they have overall less stress.
The air in the Finnish sauna is hot and dry, the stepped stage allows you to regulate the enjoyment of different temperatures. The heat source is hot stove stones, which are briefly moistened with by throwing steam.

The temperature in the sauna rises to 70-95 degrees. The general rule is: steam, cool, repeat! Each sauna session usually goes for 5 to 20 minutes, but bear in mind it isn’t a competition, just stay until you reach your limit.

Steam sauna

The temperature range of the steam sauna is 43-46 degrees and the humidity exceeds 100%. The steam sauna puts less strain on the body than a regular sauna and allows the procedure to be repeated at a time convenient for a person. The recommended duration of one sauna session is 15-25 minutes.

Due to its high steam content and the general benefits of moist heat, a steam bath is an effective health remedy for many health problems: bronchial asthma, bronchitis, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, coughing and joint pain.
Steam sauna has an immediate effect on the skin, because the moist heat stimulates the blood vessels under the skin and cleanses the skin intensively, opening the pores, removing dead skin cells and dirt, leaving skin soft, clean and silky smooth.

Steam sauna steeply increases the oxygen supply to tissues and cells; stimulates the immune system, kills bacteria and viruses.
That’s not it – the steam sauna helps to burn 400-600 calories with each session.


Sanarium is a special sauna with aroma and light. Its advantage is the low temperature, 60 degrees, which allows you to spend peacefully up to 20 minutes while lying down.
The studies have found that the gentle warmth and circulation of the heat can help reduce high blood pressure and alleviate circulation disorders. 
The aroma stimulates the subcutaneous blood circulation, helps to relax the body and muscles.
It’s considered very suitable for children and the elderly, as well as for those who don’t appreciate high temperatures – if you’re new to saunas, start here!

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