beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle

Sothys detox facial treatment 60 min


Energizing treatment helps the skin to protect itself from the harmful effects of the environment, which can lead to premature skin ageing. Exclusive active ingredients trio used in potent detox treatment: elderberry – eleutherococcus root – peptides. Protects the skin from pollution, expels toxins, strengthens the skin’s natural defence capability and increases the energy level of cells.

Sothys moisturising facial treatment 60 min


Suitable for dry and combination skin, both. The perfect treatment for skin that thirsts for moisture and freshness. After deep cleanse, nourishing massage, and rich mask, your skin is smooth and saturated with moisture.

Sothys facial care for men 50 min


This revitalizing facial treatment was developed according to the special demands for men’s skin. Relaxing and deep cleansing treatment ends with a special soothing rubber mask, leaving your skin enriched with energy, supple and protected from the harmful environmental damages. 

Sothys seasonal facial care 45 min


Oxygen-enriching seasonal facial treatment by Sothys, which is suitable for all skin types, but especially for dull and tired skin that screams for brightness and radiance.

Rejuvenating gold treatment 60 min


A powerful facial treatment with immediately noticeable results. Facial care evens skin tone and rejuvenates the skin significantly, slows down the ageing process due to the rich content of vitamins – especially mighty vitamin C.

Honey massage for the face 30 min


Honey has been used as a beauty aid for centuries, and for a reason – honey is called a natural skin nourisher-disinfectant, and it also has good exfoliating properties. In accordance with special massage techniques, the result is thoroughly cleansed, toned and nourished skin with improved blood supply.

Facial massage 30 min


Facial massage helps promote healthy skin while relaxing your facial muscles. It has a relaxing and rejuvenating effect, helping you look and feel better. It helps in promoting blood circulation and fading fine lines over time.

Other treatments face and neck

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