healing magic through water

Indoor pool

The dimensions of indoor pool are 6×12 meters – ideal for swimmers, water gymnasts and those who simply enjoy water pleasures.
Don’t forget to try and enjoy the numerous massage jets in there.
The water temperature in the large pool is about +28° C.
The children’s pool, with a safe depth of 60 cm, is separated from the large indoor pool.

Outdoor pool

The dimensions of outdoor pool are 3×6 meters and it brings joy throughout the year, as it’s heated.
The outdoor pool is surrounded by a wooden terrace with sun loungers, ideal for sunbathing.


When we enjoy time in jacuzzi, we often don’t even come to the fact that in addition to relaxation, it’s also beneficial to our physical health.
Hydromassage has a strong effect on digestion and improves intestinal function, as well as a proven positive effect on skin health.
Jacuzzis are deservedly loved by athletes – vibration in the bath reduces muscle stretching, reduces pressure on blood vessels and also contributes to the improvement of healthy blood circulation.

Cold water holes

The heat from the sauna and sudden cooling by cold water or snow have been together for centuries. Rightfully so – this contrast strengthens the body’s susceptibility to diseases and gives you an extreme rush of hormones like endorphin.
However, do it only when you’ve trained for this before – there are risks involved, especially to those with any cardiovascular problems.
Cold water holes are located near to Finnish saunas.

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